Healthy snacks


I have been working really hard the past few months on my nutrition and changing a few things. I have always been a healthy eater and enjoy most foods. I devour my Farm Share from Jim every week when it gets here in about 2 days flat. Nothing excites me more than fresh food.

As much as I like the fresh stuff, I find myself snacking on things I don't need. Cheese. Chips. Hummus. And being gluten free limits my choices some days.

So I have been working with my girl Jessie over at Best Kept Self on a nutrition plan that I can really get behind. And despite some road bumps (we shall never mention the smoothies again), I have done really well.

One of the things I have work hardest on is changing up the snacks...chips for kale chips sprinkled with sea salt. Cheddar cheese for edamame cooked to the perfect al dente texture. So far, I haven's missed much. Until the past few days at least. Nobody is perfect, right?

I have struggled these past few days with a sick child and a sick me. So when you need health to take a front seat and actually command some control, it somehow slips into the background making convenience take the wheel. Whatever is in my fridge seems to be what I grab for first. And whatever is good for me is out the door with any warm thoughts.

I saw the effect on good health a few weeks ago and it was amazing. I got the inevitable winter cold. For me, they usually last 2 weeks. This lasted 3 days. I was floored. It was the proof I needed. My body fat doesn't want to budge, but a cold running it's course in 3 days was PROOF of wellness.

So today, I will snack on kale chips. Tomorrow, I will down some fresh juice first thing. And pump up those vitamins. Because there is nothing better than a little TLC for yourself.