That's me!

That's me!


What is your Philosophy Statement?  Shoot with your heart. I can always tell when I approach a project with more heart. Always.

What inspires you? I am inspired by a lot of things. My incredible son. The pretty-as-a-jewel city I live in. This beautiful planet we get to walk around on. Some of the incredibly talented people I am privileged to know. But what propels me to photograph people, places and things is that I want to tell stories. There are stories everywhere. The challenge for me each time I leave my house, camera in hand, is to tell that story. I want you to be compelled to understand through images. If you really, really want to know who I am and what inspires me, check out my blog. It's where I put my heart on my sleeve.

Why does photography matter? I think photography helps us knit the moments of our lives together more clearly. Memories that were otherwise fuzzy can be jarred just from a single photograph. Go through a pile of old photographs and watch the memories flood your mind like water filling up a glass. Photography also connects you with the past in a way nothing else really can.

What makes a good photographer?  To me, a good photographer is a visual storyteller. They make me yearn to be a part of the photograph without saying a single word. That takes heart and courage. In my opinion, anyone can learn how to be a good technical photographer. But having the skills to make you feel the story in front of you isn't something that can be taught.

Why did you choose photography?  I deeply love what photography does for us by connecting and transforming single moments. I believe the camera is one of the most powerful tools we have access to. I love that you can elevate any moment through a simple photograph.  Also, I am a people person. I love getting to know people and tell their amazing stories. I have been telling these stories most of my life.

How long have you been a photographer? Officially 9 years (meaning I got paid to take a photograph 9 years ago). Unofficially, my whole life (give or take).

Where do you work? All over the world. I have shot in England, Scotland, Mexico, Indonesia, and all over the US – from California to Maine!  But I am based in Charleston, SC.  I shoot both commercially and editorially. You can see some of my editorial work in The Boston Globe, Charleston Magazine, Garden & Gun, Charleston City Paper, and skirt!. I have also worked with clients like Charleston Wine + Food Festival, MUSC, St. Francis Hospital Systems, Charleston Parks Conservancy, The Cooper School, Ashley Hall, Porter-Gaud, South Carolina chapter of JEDA, FAB conference, and so many more.

How can we find you?  You can email me for estimates and pricing at libby (at) or call me at 864.325.7508. You can also follow me all over the web - instagram, facebook, tumblr, flickr, pinterest. Just click the links on any page! And finally, you can follow my new adventures in food photography over at Plate South, where I document food culture all over the southeast (the people, the places and the FOOD!)