The bright spot.

I wish this wasn't true about me, but I spend a lot of time mourning the things that don't go right, particularly when I am in the middle of an unfortunate bad streak. When everything feels broken, dusty, worn out, and just plain old tired, I find it hard to look on the bright side and be perky with positivity. I get bogged down with the little things like lunches and laundry and back to school bullshit (seriously...what's with all the emails already!). So when a day comes along where everything seems to go along without a hitch in the middle of a bad streak, I feel like I am walking on sunbeams down a golden street headed straight for the promised land.

That was this day. Perfect. Sunny. And bright blue in my happy heart.

It's those stormy skies that make me appreciate these sunny, perfect days even more than when you see a polished piece of silver in the middle of a pile of worn and tarnished plates, it seems to sparkle more brightly and look fresher. 

I look forward to days like this...days where the sun shines brighter and the clouds seem like fluffy, pillowey piles of cotton candy floating by. But because not everyday can be that kind of a day, I will put on my rainboots and trudge through to the other side. Because if there is one thing I know, there is always a bright spot to sit and stay for a while at the end of it all.