Each spring, life bursts through the frosty earth and spiny trees. The world slowly comes to life after it’s dormancy through the cold and quiet winter. Cycles renew and continue bringing forth familiar rhythms and energy.

These little lessons teach me every year. Spring is time to burst forth with energy and hope. It’s time to unfurl our colors and wake up to the possibilities around us. It’s time to hold on to what brings new life and new energy. It’s time to let those winds take the seeds of hope and possibility, spreading them all around to grow and fruit under the heat of the fiery summer sun.

Spring is my favorite season…it’s full of little seeds of hope, cleaning rain, refreshing clearing winds, hopeful blooms. And if we just relax into it, we, too, can bloom.

Summer Daze.

surf's up

I am in a summer daze. A hazy, lazy summer daze. I can't shake it off. And I really don't want to. I want these lingering days to last forever. Beach picnics at sunset and surfing into the dark hours of the day. I want to stay inside these in between days of spring and summer where the sun is shining and the breeze is cool and all I do is buck the Rules of Life.

It's here I want to lay my head and rest a while. I want to float around and get comfortably lazy with our schedules and Lists of Things To Do. I want to smile into the setting sun and thank her for yet another glorious day of life and give gratitude for the things that make the rest of it a little more palatable.

So here I will stay for a while with arms outstretched into the blue skies, laughing into the ocean winds again. Here is where I will be until the Summer turns her prickly heat on me once again.


I love this time of year. Spring is about to burst forward. I know because this scene above is one of the first signs around here. Mother Nature throws me down a blanket of camellia confetti all over my front stoop. And I couldn't be more excited to see it come.

This has been a long winter for everyone. Harsh weather and bad news seem to have overshadowed any joy and good news we got around here. I am just very ready for some change. And nothing brings about change like Spring's vibrant energy. Colorful and sunny and breezy and bold. It's just what we need around here.

So for now, I am looking forward to a new season...change, color, sunshine and rebirth.

Happy (alllllmmooooossst) Spring!