cat naps

I am not much of a napper. I never have been (well... I guess high school was a different story). Neither is my child. (We can talk about that another time when I tell you how hard the past 13 years of my life has been.) But I have always been a little jealous of those that can slip in to an afternoon cat nap and come out feeling refreshed. If I do end up napping, it's usually because I am sick or exhausted. The end result is often me feeling worse than when I started. I guess I am just more of a "power through it" kind of gal.

But the animals in this home make napping look so decadent. Afternoon sun. Lounging on sofas. Lingering on comfortable, plush beds - complete with fluffy, feathered comforters and crisp, linen sheets. I can't help but to feel a little jealous from time to time as I push through deadlines, hot tea in hand, sun gleaming through the windows. I always want to cuddle up next to them in that afternoon sunshine for just a little while.

These pets though...they've got it made! I know there are frustrations being without opposable thumbs and all. Seriously though... I want to be resurrected as one of my very own pets.  Because they have THE LIFE!