My new intern.


It's a busy day around here. Can't you tell?

Seriously though, after my week with the intern at home, I have a lot of catching up to do - mainly, getting ready for my trip early this week for a 2 day shoot. I love a little travel. It shakes up the monotony of routine. And lucky for me, I have my new trusty intern to help with all my busy preparations.

I recently have come to realize how many days of my life are really not that routine after all. Some days, I am on an all day shoot. Other days, I can sit in yoga pants and edit all day. Sometimes I work Saturdays, and other times I take a whole Tuesday off for personal attention. And because of this back and forth, up and down, push and pull, I have actually come to realize how much I  love and expect a little disharmony in my life. When it's regular and predictable, I actually get a little bored

So Bella and I will experiment with lights today...on this working Saturday (Clearly it's a lot of work being a model). And we will pack all my gear and bags. And shop for snacks. And charge batteries. And do all the behind the scene things that happen when you have to travel for shoots so you can be prepared and on it. Thank goodness for good company while I work!

(Just a note, I will take 2 days off of the blog while I travel, but I'll be photo-ing and posting all my antics when I return.)