One of my very best friends in the world gave this gentle reminder to me last time I saw her a few months ago. Just like it was nothing, she looked at me and said - "Here is a little courage for you." It was like she knew something - without knowing. We all need that friend, don't we? Every time Robbin gives me something, it resonates with meaning and love and relevance in my life. It is always symbolic. It always hits a note in my soul. And it's always just what I need in the moment I receive it.

I was traveling a lot when I saw Robbin last. On the road for photoshoots and minisessions and packing a lot into my life at that time....trying to make sense of a lot of things. She handed me a little courage. I keep the courage in my car. Every time I get in the car, it's there as a reminder -  to face the world with courage and love.

You see, courage and love squash fear and doubt. They slam the door in their faces. They want no part of them. They know only hope and "yes.". They don't know the word "No" or worry. They simply carry on - sure of what they are. And sure of what they can overcome.

So every day, I remember these 2 elements in my life - Courage. And Love. It's what my work is about.  It's really what my life is about. It's what I try to bring with me at every every breath. Some days I succeed. And some - well, not so much. But I always try. I always give it my all.

It's nice to have this powerful reminder every day from someone I love and respect so much. She knows me in more ways than I can admit here on my little blog. Her voice in my life everyday is strong. Her messages always resonate with me. And her love and courage - the way she has faced fear and doubt - are one of my biggest inspirations.