The Outtakes

If you know anything about me, it's that I love capturing the story during any session I am working. It's loads easier to do with a family than...say...bankers. But I can almost always capture a little bit of personality no matter what the outcome or who the client.

At the above shoot, we worked hard to get a portrait of the family with their departing and well-loved nanny. She was preparing to go off on a new adventure, and the family wanted some photos together with everyone. It was a steamy August day during the week after 5 PM. Mom and dad were just home from work and the kids were reaching their maximum capacity for the day. Instead of forcing more portraits, we decided to just let them play and have some fun running and giggling and being 100% boys.

Not every client has this level of trust with me. Most everyone has a preconceived notion about what they are going to get as an end product. Clearly, on  commercial shoots I have to deliver a specific product. And I do - every time. But sometimes (especially a family shoot with young children), our plan has to be a little looser. We have to get what we can in the hour or so I am with them. And that requires flexibility and an open mind on everyone's part. Even mine.

Truly though, this always when the magic happens. Little hands playing with planes. Teddybears strewn about. Storytime. We got all of it in which I hope they find much more important in the end than their formal portrait - which was sort of like trying to wrestle greased frogs. 

Actually, being a photographer is a lot like wrestling greased frogs.

For the record - sweet photos of little boys playing in boxes might be my new favorite.