Armed with Love.


While I am usually pretty excited to say goodbye to the year we are leaving behind on New Year's Eve, I am not much for the celebrations and huzzahs that ensue. I am glad we are ushering out the old, but I prefer the celebration of New Year's Day.

New Year's Eve feels a little difficult to me.  I always feel like I have come through some epic battle, bruised and scarred and worn completely down, like a soldier coming home from battle abroad. Maybe it's the run of the holidays craziness. Maybe it's the blow of last year's losses that cut me in half. Maybe it's just the anticipation of starting something new and fresh all over again that makes me want to jump feet first into the potential of the shiny new year ahead - running and screaming away from what I have been through. This year seems to be no exception.

For some reason, I have come to the belief that I won't haul all my baggage around the next year. It's too heavy and cumbersome and this body has grown weary of carrying all that crap. Somewhere between New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, I believe that I am going to drop off the load somewhere so it can't weigh me down as I forge my way on the unknown path ahead.  I have a belief that things will be lighter, shinier, better the next year.

I try only to carry the tools that serve me best...the ones that allow me to practice everything perfectly. And the one tool I keep coming back to - the one I use the most - is Love.

Love carries me through the days I can't imagine. It strengthens all my skills. It aids every tool in my kit. And it guides me safely to where I need to go, banishing doubt and fear from my questioning and tired mind.

I have always known Love is the strongest object we carry with us. (I write about it a lot.) The best tool. The brightest light. But the moment I come back to it, clarity is restored. Balance is given. It's the immediate solution to all my problems.

Love is the answer to the things we try so desperately to work out. It is the solution to your problems and worries. After love, the rest of it falls in line - despite the heaviness or size of the issue.

So I come. Armed with Love and light to fight all of your days and fill me with the strength needed to carry on. I am ready.