I am a sucker for something that has been re-purposed and this little bar is no exception. This cabinet has been with me for a lot of years - over 20. It has seen a lot of different facets of my life and held onto many of my precious treasures. It has been in 6 homes and has been one of the most useful pieces I have ever had. It has simple, clean lines and is extremely functional. 

A few months ago, this piece was forest green. It has also been red and white. But I needed to find a new life for it. I have been eying bar carts and - being the trendy gal that I am (hahaha) - I decided that's exactly what this piece needed to be. It's extremely rustic and full of flaws (just like me!), but I love it. It fits neatly in my dining room and serves as my makeshift bar cart now. And every time I walk by it, it warms my little heart.

Sometimes all you need is a freshening up in the dusty corners to bring a spot of sunshine where it always needed to be.