Weather the storm


We have had some nasty weather lately. Ice. Sleet. Rain. Cold. Even I am a little tired of the dreary days that have dragged on through the past few weeks.

The grey days make it hard to find your groove. Motivation comes slowly on days like these. I look for comfort at every corner - soft clothes and warm meals and and hot drinks. But there are days when you just need to hunker down and weather it all by pressing on. And then there are days when you need to say - enough is enough...I'm retreating to my corner.

Right now, I feel like retreating. But I know I can't. I know I have to press through. Because spring is just around the corner. And brighter days are ahead.

So for now, I will stand facing it all. For now, I will weather the storm ahead. For now, I will stand strong and carry on.