Looking back.

The Blue Ridge Mountains. Shot with my trusty iPhone.

The Blue Ridge Mountains. Shot with my trusty iPhone.

Often I have heard the expression "Don't look back, that's not where you are going." And for the most part, this is a point with which I whole-heartedly agree. After all, to get where you want to go, don't you need to focus on the path before you?

The past can look ugly up close - filled with heartbreak and mistakes all looming back there to show you how you went wrong and where you shouldn't have taken that fateful turn. Self-doubt lives down those dark streets and alleyways and hides in the corners we feel least confident about exploring.

But occasionally, I think we all need to look back there. We need to see where we have been and most importantly, what we have come through. And if you get enough distance from it all, you will see it actually paints a picture that isn't half bad.

After all, back there behind you is where you came from - scaling skillfully over mountain tops and repelling into the great unknown below.

Chances are, if you catch an overall glimpse of it for a second in that rear view, you may actually see you have done a good job after all, despite those bumps in the road.