Weathering the storm.

Last weekend, I got a call to shoot a wedding on the beach. I don't normally shoot a lot of weddings, but I do love the smaller ones the most. I really get to know the bride and groom a and feel a more involved in the story around me. These photos seem to tell a more intimate story. But maybe that's because I know so much about what happens.

This wedding, though...this wedding got me right in the feelsies.

When I arrived at the venue, I got out of the car to near freezing temperatures and the most gale force winds you have ever encountered. I normally don't make it a practice to go to the beach on the windiest days. It seems you are fighting against all odds. Struggling and working hard just to stand upright. I avoid struggles like this one at all costs. But these crazy kids...they just didn't let it phase them. Not at all.

The day before the wedding, I contacted the bride. We all knew the forecast wasn't great - rain, falling temperatures, and some of the gustiest wind you can imagine. But I wanted to check in with her and ask a few questions:

" you have a back up plan for tomorrow with this weather coming?" I asked.

"Not of now we are still getting married on the beach." She replied, almost sounding relaxed about it all.

I nervously replied, "You know about the wind and the temperatures, right?"

What she said next changed my perspective:

"You know, the most important thing is that I get to marry Andy tomorrow. Everything else will just fall into place after that."

This perspective was so clearly obvious. But considering the circumstances, it was also incredibly grounded and calm. Lindsay had her priorities laid out: she and Andy were to be united in marriage and love - after that everything will work itself out.

To me, this is not only a strong testament to the day, but their marriage. So many people focus on the day and the details - it's hard not to. The money invested in a wedding is no joke. But to her, being united with the love of her life was what it was about. And no windy day, no falling temperatures, no cloudy skies, no raindrops were going to knock this day - or this marriage - down.

So here they stood. Freezing. Shaking. Working against the odds. Smiling the whole time. Happy. In love. Big Love. Whole, full, love that is ready to weather any storm that will come their way.

Congratulations, you crazy kids! I can hardly wait to see what is in store for you both!